Sports Massage in Ipswich

As an athlete or sportsperson, your performance depends on having a healthy body that will function to its best ability. This is why you need a sports massage, available in Ipswich at Andrea Plumb Therapies.

In addition to helping you train or exercise more efficiently, sports deep tissue massage treats a variety of injuries and ailments that may occur as a result of exercise, such as:

  • shin splints
  • tennis elbow
  • sprains
  • corked thighs and other conditions

Any sportsman or woman should consider sports massage an important part of their life, whether they are injured or not. It is an effective therapy to maintain the body, helps to release muscle tension, and prevents injuries. It will restore mobility to injured muscle tissue, boost performance and extend the overall life of your sporting career.

To make an appointment with an experienced and qualified sports masseuse in Ipswich, get in touch with Andrea Plumb Therapies today. Contact us online or call (07) 3812 7777.

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