Breuss Massage

Breuss Massage was developed by the late Austrian Healer Rudolf Breuss. It is a perfect supplement to Dorn Spinal Therapy but also as individual healing technique very beneficial. The Breuss Massage can in many cases help with Back Pains, Energy Blockages and Nervous Problems. It helps to rejuvenate our intervertebral discs in a relaxing and Pain-Free way!

For basic understanding: Our Spine is like any other living organism, it is in a constant state of 'stress and relief', needs nourishment, rest but also the right amount of 'stress' in a sense in form of active movements to maintain its strength and function. During the day our Spine and especially our 'discs' are stressed and they need to fulfill their duty as shock-absorbers whenever we stand, walk or sit. Because of that the discs are squeezed, some of the liquid within gets out and the discs gets thinner. We are actually a little shorter in the evening compared to the morning after standing up! During sleep the Spine relaxes and stretches out and the discs somewhat can regenerate by 'sucking' the liquid they lost during the day back in, almost like a dry sponge placed in water. This mechanism is altered in a negative way when our metabolism is not in a balance or impaired for many different reasons.

The Breuss Massage is actively replacing in a sense a whole and healthy full night sleep by stretching the Spine and Using natural Oil in the Process the discs are nourished like the sponge given water. In this relaxed state the Spine also can be safely and painless re-aligned.

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