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Pain relief through massage to residents in Ipswich and surrounding suburbs

An example of a dysfunction can be seen in these illustrations, and as you can see, there is an excessive curve in the lower spine. Our body will adjust from head to toe to accommodate postural dysfunction.

AP therapies can aid in the aligning of your spine to reduce back painhigh Heal s can cause inproper posturetilt and posture image

Download a FREE copy of Back Pain mistakes and contact Andrea Plumb today on (07) 3812 7777 for the most effective back pain relief that Ipswich and surrounding QLD residents rely on to feel good again.

Avoid Surgery for Painful Chronic Injuries; Try Bowen Therapy in Ipswich, Qld

Back surgery is becoming increasingly common these days for those with chronic injuries, such as herniated discs. However, according to a 2013 study published in the Journal of Neurological Study, the rate of recurrence for painful disc herniation was just as high after a minimally invasive technique as with traditional surgical methods.

The problem is that surgery is often only effective in correcting the symptoms of, rather than providing a solution to the underlying problems that cause chronic back pain. Bowen therapy sessions at AP Therapies help patients in Ipswich and Qld avoid the causes for chronic back pain and repetitive injury. Not only can this help reduce the need for corrective surgery, but can also increase the success rate should surgery become necessary.

Bowen therapy, named for Australia’s Tom Bowen (1916-1982), is a non-invasive technique for releasing tension in the muscles. It involves small but precise movements under the guiding hand of a practiced expert. Andrea Plumb of AP Therapies offers Bowen therapy to the Ipswich, QLD area, and also teaches patients how to better protect their spinal health by avoiding common posture mistakes. It’s never the wrong time to address chronic pain issues with massage or Bowen therapy. For Ipswich and the surrounding QLD area, AP Therapies offers a comprehensive array of services to deliver lasting pain relief that’s both safe and effective. There’s no one cure for chronic back pain or injury, but thousands of patients, starting with Tom Bowen himself, can attest to the benefits of Bowen therapy methods which do not require surgery or pain medication.

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